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  1. see also Shops €-page

  2. World list:, Tip: use "list filters", also "Ultra Light" vendors"

  3. Australia

    1. Backpacking Light   Facebook ....

  4. Canada

    1. MEC=Mountain Equipment Co-op

      1. Wiki

      2. Exclusively to members. A lifetime membership is $5, the same since 1971.​

      3. Facebook

      4. Hiking and camping

      5. Lightweight packing tips

      6. Backpacking food and meal planning " you some bucks is to make your own dehydrated foods. Check out backpacking cookbooks for DIY meal ideas and advice."

  5. China

    1. Frugal Hiker blogspot  "List of camping items on Ali Express --> Each post gives an item with the cheapest price + summary of research"

  6. Germany:

    1. Extrem textil  Facebook   Outdoor-fabrics and accessories

    2. Sack und Pack:

      1. Brands

      2. Germany:  Vaude

      3. New Zealand:  Aarn

      4. Schweden:  Hilleberg tents

      5. Switzerland:  Exped

      6. UK:     OMM      

      7. USA:

        1. Cottage vendors: Big Sky   Gossamer Gear    Granite Gear      Hyperlite Mountain Gear   Six Moon Designs    Tarptent    Vargo   Zpacks

        2. BiggerMSR    .............

    3. Trekking Lite store   Ultralight=Leichtgewicht   Facebook    Links

  7. Netherlands

    1. Zwerfkei​

  8. Slovenia

    1. Outdoorline

      1. Sitemap

      2. Brands  not all  --> for all go to "Brands" in the menu

      3. USA Cottage vendors: Gossamer Gear  ULA  and others

      4. News

  9. Sweden

    1. Backpacking Light,  Tip: scroll to bottom to "Ultralight backpacking migration is a process and a philosophy....."     About the owner + staff

  10. UK

    1. Ultralight Outdoor Gear​   Knowledge Base

    2. Ultra Marathon Runningstore.

      1. Dirty Girl"-Gaiters -->Dutch=(korte) Beenkappen/-Windsels=German: Gamaschen​​

    3. World Backpacker

  11. USA​

    1. Backcountrycan't be used in Europe due to GDPR regulations, redirect to sister site: Bergfreunde

    2. Cottage Company Master List by Backcountry Banter,   Great map!

    3. New 20 August 2019! Cottage Gear Manufacturer Directory by Sectionhiker

    4. Drop (before: Massdrop)   temporary offers, some are special made for Massdrop  Sitemap   Facebook   

    5. Garage Grown Gear  FacebookLike:10.280/Follow: 10.494 28 April 2019, Cottage vendors  "We're the experts on outdoor gear startups. We're passionate about giving the little guys a voice in a world dominated by big box brands and retailers. We help early stage outdoor brands tell their stories in our online magazine and we sell a selection of curated gear in our online store." + "Outdoor gear made in the USA"   

    6. Links Ruta Locura 

    7. Mountainsmith, Blog

    8. MooseJaw can't be used in Europe due to GDPR regulations

    9. REI

    10. Facebook: "Backpacking, Hiking, & Camping Gear Deals", 3.567 22 Feb 2019, Learning-page! 

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