​​Pacific Crest Trail =PCT (Wiki )

  1. 2654 miles = 4271 km

  2. Pacific Crest Trail Association

  3. Water situation, About: "The PCT Water Report is a crowdsourced compilation of water information. Hikers and equestrians submit their observations to a volunteer who stewards this website. Print out a copy of the water report just before your next trip. It contains important information. When you return home, send in updated information ..." YouTube  Tip: see Webinar 2019 and download

  4. California Campfire Permit, Do: watch + get a permit!!!     Tip: check other parts of this website

  5. PCT-glossary by Scott Bryce

  6. Records  FKT =Fastest Known Time, by fastestknowntime.com   Facebook

  7. How  dentist  Karel Sabbe from Belgium clipped a day off the PCT thru hike record  Supported 2016: 52 days, 8 hours, and 25 minutes, by REI   Website   Current record holder PCT+AT  Facebook     Instagram

  8. Heather ‘Anish’ Anderson’s “Thirst: 2600 Miles to Home”, USA, The Trek, 15 Apr 2019

  9. "Only the Essential: Pacific Crest Trail Documentary"-video, USA, 39:55 minutes, 1.350.768 views, 2 Dec 2015, summer of 2013, Casey Gannon and Colin Arisman, 5 months

  10. The Trek

  11. The Trek Gear List

  12. Plan your hike.com

  13. Craig's PCT Planner 

  14. Halfmile PCT maps, Halfmile app not available!!! scroll to "End of Life for the Halfmile Pacific Crest Trail App" and then "FAQ's" -->"What PCT navigation app can I use instead of the Halfmile app?" Trail Maps, Apps, GPS Data & More,  Weather Forecasts .

  15. Forest service

  16. Trail Journals

  17. Traumtour: Pacific Crest Trail, Trail journal In German --> English version by Google Translate

  18. Halfway Anywhere

    1. Survey/Statistics: 2018, , 10 Dec 2018    Example: "Hiking shirt with a hood is the best sun protection"   ---> Advice for 2019,  25 Feb 2019

    2. How much does it cost, USA, 2 February 2014

  19. Hammock​

    1. General:  Hammock page

    2. Text: Thru-Hiking the PCT with a Hammock, USA, 29 Aug 20178 : Chris Guynn-->The Trek

    3. Tips for Hammock Camping on PCT, USA, Chris Guynn-->The Trek, 19 Sep 2018, Text: Thru-Hiking the PCT with a Hammock, 29 Aug 2018, 75% hammock!  

    4. Video Setting up Hammock & Tarp on Ground, Shug 22 Jul 2017​

  20. Hiker Yearbook   Facebook Page  

  21. Facebook​

    1. The Hiker Yearbook  Page, Like: 7.074  / Follow: 7.225  28 May 2019, Website

    2. PCT Trail Angels, 6.553 members 22 April 2019

    3. PCT SOBO 2019, 1.1.09 members 11 June 2019

    4. Senior Class Of The PCT, 567 members 22 April 2019, "Dedicated to hikers who, by birth year, are not the youngest folks on trail.... "

    5. Geeky Girl Hiker, 133 members 21 April 2019​

    6. PCT 2019 Roll Call, 99 members 22 April 2019, "Roll Call is for anyone hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail (thru or section) in 2019 - only. This page is intended as a recorder of who started, who is on the trail, and who stopped - answering: who, when, where, and why"

  22. YouTube

    1. PCT in Three Minutes, USA, 4.088.231 views 26 Feb 2019, Mac

    2. Signs of the Pacific Crest Trail "Trailer" by Human Clock=Daniel Craig Giffen, 4.20 minutes, USA, 29 Nov 2018, 850 views 6 April 2019, "sampling of photos of signs I took on the PCT in 2013." Tip: change play speed to 0.25 and put sound off  Full version: 4,267 signs, 3.03 hour, 55 views 6 April 2019, Tip: click on more  info    Craig's PCT Hike 2013-blog

    3. This is not a beautiful hiking video | A Pacific Crest Trail Thru-Hike521.200 views, 27 April 2017, Austria (Vienna)  + Q & A | This is not a beautiful hiking video, 16.726 views, 21 Sep 2017

    4. "A YEAR OF ICE AND FIRE"-documentary, 1:54 hours!!!, USA,  4  April 2018, "Dixie", Homemade Wanderlust, 221.171 views 13 March 2019

    5. Juliana Chauncey-playlist27 videos, last 6 May 2018, I have watched all and love it!, Funny!!!!: Etna to Seiad Valley (mile 1597-1653) --> Watch 2.35-4.10 minute "Introduction" and then 9.55: "Grand Final"  Extra videos:  Q&A with Ballflap and Gilligan  Gear List     Hygiene    Where to Send Resupply Boxes     Trail Town Addresses   

    6. PCT 2016 'Creativity X Nature'. A keynote talk, with videos and photos, by Tim Voors from The Netherlands --> "About the three phases: 'The Physical Journey', 'The Mental Journey' and 'The Spiritual Journey'', 1:32 hours, For more information go to: www.randomtrailtales.com + www.timvoors.nl Tip: buy book "Alleen (Dutch)"--> "Alone", The book is currently only available in Dutch and will be published in English and German somewhere in Spring 2019! YouTube channel

    7. ENTIRE Pacific Crest TTrail in 30 minutes, USA, 9 Aug 2015, "Nomad Wisdom"

    8. Now The Trek, USA, different vloggers, 14.841 members 3 April 2019

  23. Movie/Film

    1. Wild --> NOT Into The Wild!​   The 'Wild' Effect? Why Hiking Is Surging in Popularity in the U.S., USA, 26 Mar 2019

    2. Plan your hike.com: movies/videos

    3. Plan your hike.com: class-videos-2003-2015

  24. Books​

    1. Pacific Crest Trail Association Newest is first! Tip: use the Filter and don't forget to Clear

    2. Yogi’s PCT Handbook

    3. To do for me: add other​​

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